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CTF: Morning Dew

CTF: Morning Dew

Jul 6, 2010

Name: CTF-Morning due

Game: Unreal Tournament 2004

Download Link: Map-Factory

“Dew The Dew”! Wonder if I had adsense running if it would turn that quote into a link to Mountain Dews website :P Either way they just got a free plug.

So back in 2006 I was attending Cogswell Polytechnic, in Sunnyvale CA. Every December the College threw an all night PC LAN-party with prizes and food. This particular semester the College began teaching Unreal Ed as part of the Game Design curriculum. It was very popular and the class filled up fast. The students running the Christmas break LAN-Party decided to throw a Unreal Tournament 2004 map contest. Participants were to construct levels alone or in a team using only, or mostly, custom assets, models and textures. There was a total of ten entries and four categories for participants to win. Most Fun, Most Visually Impressive, Most Technically Challenging and Most Functional. Having access to 30 computers in the Lab was just the icing on the cake. Players voted at the end of the night for each category. I won two of the four with “Most Fun” and “Most Visually Impressive”.

The map took me about 3 weeks to produce. I had begun on a totally different design when I had heard the contest was a go. After reaching some technical limitations I scrapped my original idea and decided to go the way of Super Mario Bros. Actually what really inspired me was remembering how much fun I had as a kid playing with my G.I. Joe’s in the grass in the back yard. Everything is more Epic at that scale. Just ask Rick Moranis

Both teams have their flags placed atop the large mushroom corresponding to the teams color. Players can make their way towards each flag on the ground or via jumping between mushrooms and blades of grass.

I had a great time building this map. The long view distances did cause two of the lower end systems in the lab to choke but any modern computer should have no problem running it.

Download CTF: Morning Dew

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