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Gears Of War PC Unreleased Map

Gears Of War PC Unreleased Map

Jul 6, 2010

Name: Junk Yard

Game: Gears of War PC

Download link: Not released

Back in the Fall of 2008 the Level Design community got its hands on Unreal Engine 3 for the first time with the release of Gears of War for the PC. Opening Uled3 (Unreal Editor) for the first time was a bit overwhelming with all of its new features. What do you mean I have to use additive geometry?  Where are my Skyboxes? It felt like I was 15 again opening Uled for the first time and having to teach myself how to use this amazingly powerful and robust game engine.

This version of Unreal Engine was our first look into Unreal’s advanced lighting engine. My jaw dropped the first time I saw a specular lighting fall across a corrugated metal material with corresponding normal map. For several days I locked myself in my apartment building a Gears of War Multiplayer map with as many of the Unreal 3 features I could figure out.   At the time there were no real online resources for learning all the new features of Unreal Engine 3. The Epic Forums were a buzz with people posting mini tutorials and offer advice on how to implement the new engine features  into custom maps. The map I was working on made it to Alpha and had several Epic Forum community members help me Alpha Test some gameplay.

With constant Engine crashes and lack of resources I decided to retackle Unreal Engine with Unreal Tournament 3 which came out two months later. Subsequently my Gears of War map never made it to release. Shortly after Unreal Tournament 3 came out nearly all community support for Gears of War level design dried up as people opted to switch to UT3.

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