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DM: Last Ditch Effort

DM: Last Ditch Effort

Jul 6, 2010

Name: DM: Last Ditch Effort

Game: Unreal Tournament 3

Download Link: Map-Factory


In a Last Ditch Effort for salvation this monolithic church was built to represent undying hope and strife through dark times. This… This is my Last Ditch Effort.

Back in December 2008 I began working on a new Unreal Tournament 3 map. Development was a long and difficult process as I set out to craft every square inch of my map from scratch. Textures, materials, models and even the particle effects were all custom made which, at the time, pushed my abilities to the test.

It took many weeks of “Shelling” for me to find a “Brush” layout I liked. Even though the brushwork in this map is fairly simple coming up with the design took a lot of bot testing. Bots make different decisions based on the size of the rooms and location of powerups when navigating a map looking for you or another bot to Frag. Taking this into account I decided to go with a large, open and “airy” brush layout. Later this choice would produce some really fun shoot outs over, relatively, large distances which is part of the appeal of this map.

Trying to add a little “tighter” shooting action to the outer fringes of the playable space, I used the engines Tree and Foliage Meshes on the terrain map that surrounds the Church.

I wanted to keep the open and large feeling of the map constant as I built the interior space to the church. Intending to add to the large than life feel to the church I added projector lights emanating from the stained glass windows. Later I would find certain video cards would not render these projectors correctly and would default to white light. Such a shame because this is one of the most visually appealing aspects of the map.

From 5GB of source art, materials mostly, I completed and released the map to v1.0 in early January 2009. My ancient laptop, which I built the map on, wasn’t fast enough to play the map once it was released so I ended up building a PC just to play test my map. In retrospect this was probably a redflag but it was an excuse to get a new computer :P

This map was a large Quantom leap for me as a map artist. It required me to learn how to use a number of new tools and techniques and dive into the deepened of Unreal Engines Material editor. Were I to do this map over I would have made the models more complexed and relaxed a bit in the detailing of the textures.

Download DM-Last Ditch Effort

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