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Sci-Fi Texture Pack.

Sci-Fi Texture Pack.

Jul 9, 2010

Back in June 2009 I released a hand painted texture pack entitled “Sci-Fi Textures by Pectabyte”. The textures were made with Level Designers in mind. Believe it or not these were all done with Photoshop ant Crazy Bump.

Sci-Fi Textures includes 63, totally original, tile-able textures designed to create 17 unique materials for your level or model. This Texture pack is priced ($4.99) and designed for the hobbyist or independent environment designer.

This Zip file contains:
18 Diffuse Maps
16 Normal Maps
24 Specular Maps
4 Ambient Occlusion Maps

1 Opacity MapHere are a couple previews of the Textures that are included:

Textures are 2048×2048 or 1024X1024 in .tga format and have been tested with Unreal Engine 3 and are game ready. The texture pack retails on TurboSquid for $4.99. A small fee to help support my site :P

Download Sci-Fi Texture Pack

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