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7/13 Buried Worker

7/13 Buried Worker

Jul 15, 2010

As I was heading to work yesterday several low flying Helicopters buzzed the neighborhood. About a block from my house news was going down. Figure I’ll let the official news people explain this one:

A man working at a construction site at a home in San Francisco’s Seacliff neighborhood was rescued Tuesday after the earth gave way under a backyard deck, trapping the man under dirt and concrete for about four hours.
The man, who is in his early 30s, was working on a renovation project at a home at 38 W. Clay St.

Around 12:50 p.m., a concrete pillar for the backyard patio collapsed, causing him to fall into a trench that filled with a sand-like material.

Another worker at the site, who said his name was Arnold, was the first person to reach the man, who at one point was buried up to his neck in the sediment and had his legs pinned down by the concrete pillar.

Arnold said it was the man’s first day at the job site. He described having to frantically dig away dirt that was getting into the man’s mouth and nose.

“It was scary,” he said.

Emergency crews responded and worked for hours to dig out the man, fire Lt. Mindy Talmadge said.

“The soil in the back is very unstable, so every time they made progress, he continued to get re-trapped and re-trapped,” Talmadge said.

The man was given fluids intravenously while he was stuck. Authorities were concerned that, once removed, he might suffer from crush syndrome, which causes a buildup of acid in the body that can trigger a heart attack, Talmadge said.

The man was finally pulled out of the trench around 4:50 p.m. and taken to a waiting ambulance.

As I was leaving my house at noon I noticed Helicopters circling the neighborhood. Not thinking much more about it I left for work. Less than a block away I ran into a crowed of people lined up along Lincoln Blvd just before 25th avenue. Must have shown up right after the collapse had happened as there weren’t many onlookers yet. For the next couple of hours An ABC news guy and I shot pictures of the backyard collapse from the back of my truck. Blew me away that this happened so close to my house. Having my camera with me I snapped a few shots.

Here is the ABC 7 News story on yesterdays event. The shot at 58seconds came from the back of my truck!

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