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Jul 22, 2010

Name: KF: DOOMed

Game: Killing Floor

Download Link: KF-DOOMedv1.3 at Map-Factory

Description: Contact with this research base was lost sixteen hours ago. Your team is to infiltrate the facility and look for survivors. Tread lightly…

Those who haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last 18 year have probably heard of a little, DOS, Video Game called DOOM. Though other shooters were released before it DOOM was arguably the game that put “First Person Shooters” on the map. See Wiki article >:)

The first level of Doom, E1M1, has been recreated many times for many different games. While most of the subsequent incarnations of E1M1 captured the levels lay out I set out to to take my remake a step further and capture the levels mood and sense of suspense. While its embarrassing in this day in age to admit this, DOOM scared the crap out of me, and MANY others, when I was a kid. Never knowing what was lurking around the next pixelated, height mapped, cornerĀ  made the game VERY creepy and very dark in atmosphere. This is what I wanted to replicate. The Steam GameKilling Floor” already had the shot gun toting, monster killing, action with a mix of dread game play that would help further set this remakes mood. Aptly named KF: DOOMed this map took me a grand total of 168 hours to complete. Recently the people at Tripwire Interactive, the makers of Killing Floor, put my map through a rigorous “Quality Control” test and have “White Listed” my map. Players will now gain in-game experience (Advancement system) on my map the same way they do for the original release maps. Getting your map “White listed” is no easy feat but now means my map is officially recognized extended content. Celebrating this accomplishment I’ve posted a game play video to YouTube:

HD Playback available on youtube

DOOM used an engine where each map was designed on a top-down 2D grid then used a height map to give the illusion of different levels of platforms and roof areas. Killing Floor used Unreal Engine 2.5 which lead me to have to rebuild and recreate the map from the ground up. For just eyeballing it my remake got incredibly close to recreating the original geometry.

Here are some comparison images between iD’s, makers of DOOM, version of E1M1 and my KF:DOOMed. Click an image to see a larger view:

Entry Way

Stair Case

Main Room

Acid Room

Secret Hallway


After all was light-mapped and done I think I achieved my goal of recapturing the creep-out and dread the original map inspired. Getting it White Listed was the frosting on the cake. :P

Download KF: DOOMed v1.3 (Whitelisted)

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