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Cell Shaded

Cell Shaded

Jul 18, 2010

For the last week or so I’ve been playing with Unity Game Engine. REALLY Impressive stuff. Its amazing how versatile this Engine is. I checked it out because I’m looking to expand past Unreal 3 not that there is anything wrong with it but rather because the pipeline can be very difficult for a single artist to produce a highly polished looking level that plays and feels good. I take pride in creating my own models, textures and shaders and Unreal can be a rather hard beast to tame when doing all of that yourself. Unity on the other hand seems to be design with small Dev teams and individuals in mind. Its very liberal about what file formats it accepts and the whole process of creating shaders in Engine is stream lined. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the Cell Shaders. The following are some screenshots of a “Just for fun” game I’ve been working on.

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