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Models from “Prelude” Short-Film

Models from “Prelude” Short-Film

Jul 6, 2010

“Prelude; A preliminary to an action, event, condition, or work of broader scope and higher importance.” -Webster dictionary

In 2009 a short-film, entitled “Prelude”, started production at the Art Academy in San Francisco under the supervision of Sherrie Sinclair. The film was being developed by students as an advanced set of classes. This was the first time the college was to undertake such a lofty film project as the film called for a cross between 3D art and 2D-hand drawn animated characters. Brought in as a consultant, for the 3D end of things, I was tasked with modeling in 3D a series of objects and environment pieces for the film. This piece is entitled “Grandpa’s Desk.”

Edge and poly view of Grandpa’s desk:

In addition to “Grandpa’s Desk” I produced the “Universe Machine” model for the environment in which the film takes place. This Machine is a set of interconnected models like a long assembly line.

Another angle on the “Universe Machine”.

Yet another angle.

Modeling for Prelude was a great experience. Stay tuned for updates about the Short-Film!

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