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Skies of Strife

Skies of Strife

Jul 8, 2010

So… Earlier this year I started modeling a few preliminary models for a graphic novel I am currently working on. In hopes of speeding up the art production time I thought it would be easier to model and render each frame (cell) of the environment in 3D as apposed to having our traditional artist have to draw all the fine detail each of our environments has. This is one of the more complicated scenes from the novel. Having a 3D model of the scene allows us to take still shots from virtually any angle for painting over in Photoshop. Or at least that is the idea. Jury is still out on whether or not this is a feasible direction to take…

Designed to be a rooftop landing platform for small ships I tried to keep it looking Modern but with a Sci-Fi twist.

Hoping to give a sense of scale I inserted a few BiPed Characters.

Stay tuned for more W.I.P. images from this project as well as details about the Graphic Novel these are being developed for.

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