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Target Fixation

Target Fixation

May 3, 2012

Continuing my new hobby of epic space renders here is a brief break down of this piece entitled; “Target Fixation”.

The planet is the same Tarregen 2 Model I generated for “STR1-F” just rendered from a much closer. Again all of the planets features; Clouds, Atmosphere and Terrain were procedurally generated with Terragen 2′s Node based design system. I was blown away at how life like the clouds and mountains are even at this range which is ironically just a few centimeters from the actual base mesh model. If I zoomed in enough to sit on the ground of this planet all you would see would be scattered noise.


For the ships I extracted a hand full of models from one of my favorite RTS games; Home World 2. After rendering a test image of the planet to be used in my viewport I then imported the models from Home World 2 into 3DS max where I lit and positioned them in 3D to get a proper perspective.


As you can see here all the models exist in the same 3D Studio Max project and are lit individually.



After rendering out the image of the ships as a .PNG with alpha layer I composited it on top of a high resolution render of my planet. Using Nasa Images I painted in the Sun and Nebula. Finishing the image I painted in the fighters after burners with the Liquid modifier.


As with my previous epic space renders the original photoshop file was huge. An enormous 518.8MB at a resolution of 8250X4500. To give some perspective of what this means the following is a small crop of the original image at its original resolution.


Overall I’m satisfied with the end results, however, I’m happier with the way the last one came out. This one may be worth printing on canvas too. Thanks for the read. :)

You can download a version below:



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