3D Modeling, Environmental Level Design Artist


Hey there,

To say that I’m driven is an understatement. Its more of an obsession with Game Environments and Motion Graphic User Interfaces that drive my passion. As a San Francisco based artist I’ve worked on everything from Hard-Surface Modeling of Environment objects to Environment and Level design to U.I. and U.X. flow. I’ve been deeply engrossed in every aspect of Interactive and Game Design for both PC/Console based applications as well as Mobile and Tablet device Apps for the last six years.

  • In September 2011 YouTube offered me a partnership after my channel was viewed over 26,000 times featuring Videos of different projects and concept animations I’ve worked on.
  • In August 2011 U.I. Animations I designed while at Samsung STA were featured in our Companies first ever purchasable Software Application; “Pure Breeze”.


Software Experience:  Unreal Editor 1-3 and UDK, GTKRadiant – Quake 1-4 Engine, Unity Game Engine, Torque, Constructor, Dreamweaver, Photshop, The GIMP, 3D Studio Max, Wings 3D. After Effects CS5


My Resume